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Wood Lathe

We have wood lathe options for a variety of wood working project sizes. Whether you are professional or a hobbyist these wood lathes can get your job done.

Wood Dovetail Machines

Wood dovetail machines for dovetailing your wood together. Work wood like a professional and save time and energy with our wood dovetail machines.

Wood Mortise Machines

Our wood mortise machines are of the top quality, durable, efficient, solid and effective. We have a wood mortise machine for your project no matter the size.

Wood Working Kits

Wood working kits can help you be prepared for a variety of wood working projects. Our wood working kits are durable and can cover many projects.

Pocket Hole Jig Kit

A pocket hole jig kit is a secret weapon of a wood working enthusiast. You can't beat our price on the pocket hole jig kit and this specialised wood working tool is powerful.

Wood Router Kit

Wood router kit options from tool deals direct are essential for a quality wood working professional. Get a wood router kit and start working wood like a pro.

Wood Saws

Wood saws for safe and fast wood cutting with precision. Our durable wood saws are of the top quality and can help you tackl any job. Browse our wood saws now.

Log Splitters

Log splitters can save you a ton of time. These industrial log splitters will help you split wood quickly and efficiently.

Wood Jointers

Power wood jointers for the wood working professional or hobbyist. These wood jointers will help you meet the intracate needs of your wood working project fast.

Dust Collectors

Working with wood can be a dusty business. Browse our collection of dust collectors for options to maintain a safe and clean work environment.