Tools for the Mind

I wanted to start this site to share the books, idea’s and concepts that I am reading, thinking about and talking about with my curious and inquisitive friends.  I am reading and learning constantly.  I was not someone who grew up with great mentors in my life but always thought I was capable of living a fun, meaningful life.  But since I was not a “natural”, the behaviors that I needed to live this life had to be learned.  I learn from books and conversations with interesting people.  What I’ve learned will be shared here, to solidify the concepts in my own mind and share the tools that are working for me.  Keep one thing in mind.  And I have learned this the long way.  Knowledge is not power like so many say.  The APPLICATION of knowledge is power.  Knowing something is is only the first step.  If you don’t put the knowledge to use, to find it’s utility in your own life, the knowledge has very minimal power.


In today’s world we are bombarded with “shiny objects” that intrigue us.  We see posts, articles and interesting facts.  We are so easily distracted, moving from one post to the next without ever really thinking of the meaning behind a quote or saying or how we can apply the real meaning of it to our life.  We see something that makes sense or intrigues us and then we move right on to the next thing.  We think we’re getting more knowledge or power from knowing this new thing.  We see something that resonates with us but if you don’t apply it to our life, the concept disappears into the ether never to be thought about again.  Often times we  might FEEL smarter, or more evolved and we think we are growing as human beings but we revert right back into acting the same way we did before.  In order to make real change we must APPLY what we’ve learned.  And that takes some real discipline, work and effort.  It takes consistency.  Most people aren’t willing to put in the work.

In this first post, I want to challenge you to pick one area of your life you’d like to change.  In my next post, I will start to discuss a hands on approach to making these changes happen.  To put new knowledge into action to start to live the life you think you deserve.  To be the best version of yourself and achieve your goals and dreams.

Until next time, learn grow and put your knowledge into action.  Here’s to the journey to our best selves.  Cheers.